The electronic all-rounder from Leipzig (GE) ‘Good Guy Mikesh’ just dropped his new ‘From Another World EP’ on Ellum Audio. This exciting EP consists of three original tracks which all exudes Mikesh’s characteristically gloomy, yet cordial vibe that also convinced label boss Maceo Plex to work with him.

The EP kicks off with Maceo’s edit of ‘Place of Love’ which features Mikesh’s production partner and friend Filburt. The track begins with a steady semiquavers groove and a divine spherical synthesizer pattern that slowly winds itself round the groove like a creeper plant round its tree. After a break in the middle of the track some slackening piano sounds start spreading some love and indulging the listeners ear. ‘Place of Love’ is the kind of track you would listen to driving in your car on an endless curvy road – yearningly reminiscing your long lost love…

 ‘On Patrol’ is the second track of Mikesh’s EP. With a slow bumping beat of 106 bpm, a sec snare and a driving high-hat, the listener finds himself on a dangerous patrol, vigilantly looking for an invader. After two minutes the first signs of intruders are discernible. Spacey sounding synthesizers seem to announce the arrival of menacing aliens. The tension grows stronger until the fourth minute when the situation becomes clear: The aliens just stopped by to have a little party and the patrollers share their substances with them in relief.

The last track ‘Holy Day’ starts with a vivid and soulful drum groove that gets supplemented by indigenously sounding horns and (of course) some more spacey synthesizers. The track arouses images of tribal chiefs devotedly dancing around a huge bonfire falling into hypnotic trance. You don’t really want to be the human sacrifice in the whole story but you would like to stomp your feet together for some time to come.

Altogether ‘From Another World EP’ is a vivid EP that takes the listener on a musical trip through time and space. After picking up the listener with the first track on a lonely road, Mikesh introduces him to his party-friendly alien buddies in his second track and releases him into a crazy tribal dance scenery in the last one. The atmosphere that drips from this cut is 100% pure, uncut Ellum sound.

Be there when Mikesh, a.k.a. front man of the band ‘Here Is Why’ a.k.a. co-founder of the label Riotvan, will present his new EP during Subfix at BEATCLUB on the 29th of November. Together with Trouw resident Nuno Dos Santos, these guys  will take your soul on an eclectic musical journey.

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Good Guy Mikesh | Nuno Dos Santos

November 29th | Subfix | BEATCLUB

1. Place of Love feat. Filburt (MP Edit)

2. On Patrol

3. Holy Day