Rumors have started and Rumos has just hit the record shops at the end of last month. Established in 2014, the Guy Gerber’s second label follows his vision within a revolving circle of mystical and delusional sound with his first label Supplement Facts and his own Ibiza parties, Wisdom Of The Glove.

The label’s first release is a firebomb, a representative collaboration between the label owner Guy Gerber and the Innervisions boss, Dixon. Adding up their release and residencies to this date, it’s safe to assume that they’re the most representative DJ/Producers to this date. Berghain, Space, Kazantip, Awakenings, Dekmantel, and Watergate are just a few clubs where both of them took part in. They both withhold a release on Seth Troxler’s infamous Visionquest and Defected. In-between they separately released on their own labels, Supplement Facts & Innervisions as well as on Turbo, Cocoon, Sonar Kollektiv, Compost and, since this month, Rumors.

The outcome of their first cooperation brought about a release entitled “No Distance”. It’s self-possessed into a single, while being accompanied by a remix by Lake People.

“No Distance” starts off swinging right out of the gate with its rhythmic whiff of precautions and guitar strings that attire the scenery for what is about to follow. The track unfolds in a grandiose progression of firmaments strings and with each addition of a layered string it grows onto higher heights as it reaches the pinnacle, marked by a down swung “HYMMM”. Lingering towards the end, disappearing strings make place for a fantastic play of effects straightening out the closure of a journey.

As we adore a twist in each EP, the swift change to 2/4 beats is what you wouldn’t really expect from a remix. Lake People rightly give the track an electronica coil to it as an abundance of white sounds elaborately dispersed through the rearrangement confine the run-up to the kennel.  As the run-up may have seemed chaotic in its own way, the stand of the core is one that’s endless and calming, finding its way through the blips, repetitive closed hats and a bass cords that simply make you unaware of its presence; The all-around effect?  It’s a state of looseness in contradiction as you’re always feeling homebound.

The Single serves multi-purpose. It can easily be dropped mid set at 4 AM or can serve as a meditation tool. For us it’s simply magical puppetry as we’re used to from Guy Gerber. We’ll be hoping to hear a lot more from the two of them in the near future.

No Distance EP is out today.

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1. Guy Gerber & Dixon – No Distance (Original Mix)

2. Guy Gerber & Dixon – No Distance (Lake People Remix)