Ibiza-based Hauswerks has been teaming up with London label Moda Black to bring you a wide array of EP’s, remixes and collabs over the course of this year, making it his personal mission to ensure your 2013 is a groovy one. Drawing on ‘90s rave vibes and warping vocals, he has brewed up quite the sound concoction that is sure to make your feet move without you even noticing it. His freshly released ‘Nine to Five’ EP will do exactly that, and sounds like the right next step in Hauswerks’ mission to groove – mission achieved, if you ask me.

The cut kicks off with the mesmerizing ‘No Escape’. From the starting seconds, K.Miss’ haunting vocals take you on a lively trip, set to a base of a solid house groove. Perhaps the most ‘modern’ sounding track on the EP, No Escape really showcases Hauswerks’ producing skills, putting forth a finely balanced, complete sound. A subtle synth tries to take you in, while some smart vocal dubs display Hauswerks’ eye for detail. Building on a catchy hook and finely placed fills, and one single climactic drop, ‘No Escape’ never overdoes it, making it a very pleasant voyage from start to end.

The scene is set for some serious musical thrills. On to the next track of Nine to Five: ‘Worth The Wait’. Hauswerks provides us with some deep, deep house here, made for one place only – the dance floor. Dark vocals mixed with simple keys and this never-ending hi-hat come together in a no-nonsense smasher. Close your eyes and there’s no other place to imagine than some dark, sweaty Berlin dungeon where you and a room full of like-minded house lovers stomp left after right foot in collective trance. It makes me hate this Monday intensely, but the kind of hatred that makes you want to dance it off. Save the energy for Friday. Hauswerks makes it worth the wait.

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The record ends with ‘I Live Inside Your Mind’. My personal favourite, all the elements just seem to come together here. Straight and upbeat, Hauswerks’ influences from the nineties can be heard clearly here – the vocal loops, the synth sounds, the constant ‘YEAH’, it reminds me of the classic rave documentaries a good friend of mine always shows me. When the claps set in, and a woman asks you if you feel it, what else can you reply than “YES! I feel it!”. Hear the audience cheer, oh fuck you’re inside my mind! But I like it! This track makes me want to dance, take drugs (the properly tested kind, of course) and do a lot of the other bad things your parents always told you not to do, but secretly did themselves.

All in all: one fine piece of producing. The diversity of the tracks, still maintaining an overall ‘Hauswerksy’ feel, shows that this man is one to watch. Great job to Moda Black, who seem to really have an eye for talent. Now I’m back off to spend nine to five, waiting for the weekend. Especially the weekend when the boys behind Moda Black, Jaymo & Andy George, and some of its signed artists will touch down in Amsterdam to play during the All Gone Pete Tong ADE Special, October 17th. Some big UK favourites will make this a night to remember, we’re talking Shadow Child, Ben Pearce, Skream and many others (too bad that Hauswerks himself won’t be playing). The party will be going down in AIR, one of Amsterdam’s most successful clubbing hotspots. Creating unforgettable magic is the club’s passion and mission. And this diverse, UK-drenched October night, now little more than two weeks away, will be nothing short of magical indeed.

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Hauswerks – No Escape feat. K.Miss (Original Mix)

Hauswerks – Worth the Wait (Orignial Mix)

Hauswerks – I Live Inside your Mind feat. Phaedra Penny (Original Mix)

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