Mr. Cade in the house again, this time with another booming EP that is packing some serious heat. With throbbing bass sounds, housey hooks and a garage coating, ‘AddVice EP’ is another winner by the budding young Brit.

Cade was raised on the sounds of the vibrant UK underground style in London, after which he pointed his arrows to house, successfully intertwining it with his earlier tastes in the electronic. Since then, Jonny didn’t have a moments rest, with releases on 2020Vision, Kolour, Moodmusic and gigs across Europe, this cheerful Southern Englander has been making a real name for himself in the scene. Right now he’s added another respectable imprint to his list by joining Alive Recordings, on which he’ll drop AddVice. So what’s it like then?

The release hits off with ‘Wanna Be You’, a garage/house melting pot that reels you in from the first beat. Its rough bass drive, rude vocal hooks and four to the floor rhythm pattern demands you dance. Later the track gets more intricate by the addition of wild, stuttering pads and unforgiving stabs, building up to the second drop that will make club crowds go wild without a doubt.

jonny cade 2

Runner up is ‘Lonely’, which delves into some deeper spheres. A dirty saw-wave bass line marches effortlessly next to a variation of melodious synths. The track gets nuts when murmuring vocals and acid-like stabs enter the work. The full scale of Cade’s studio capabilities is really best exhibited in this second tune.

The EP closes with ‘Why Not’, an undeniable ode to the old-school house sound, with a combination of crispy, compressed percussion, lush hooks and a raving bass sound that is just pure chemistry and sex for the ears.

So it looks like Jonny Cade is at it again with AddVice, a killer cut consisting of three tracks that are each other’s equals in danceability and the rough-and-ready vibe they bring forth. What is again overly prominent though, is this guy’s skill to bring together the best aspects of the electronic styles that the UK is renowned for, and turning it into something huge that hits you right in the gut. In a good way.

We’re stoked to have Jonny playing at our second edition of SUB/FIX tomorrow at BEATCLUB. With Alexander Valentyn and our new resident Lucas Wouters warming up the place, this is going to be one hell of a ride. We suggest you put on your best pair of dancing shoes and come get a taste of the future UK sound.

Jonny Cade | Alexander Valentyn | Lucas Wouters |

November 1st | SUB/FIX | Tickets | BEATCLUB

1. Jonny Cade – Wanna Be You 

2.  Jonny Cade – Lonely

3. Jonny Cade – Why Not