We have the pleasure of reviewing budding young producer Jonny Cades new ‘Find my Way’ EP, which is bound to be released in August. Jonny’s name has cropped up on the underground circuit more and more over the past few years. His initial turning point was his ‘London To Leeds’ EP which was released alongside Huxley on the reputable Kolour Recordings imprint. Since then, Cade has gone on to release an array of solo singles and remixes for the likes of Loco Records, Left’d and Black Key Records.

The headliner of this EP is the homonymous ‘Find My Way’. The track is built on swinging 909 drums, a grabbing female vocal part (sung by Ria Moran), and a warm, fuzzy bass-lick. As the track progresses the centrepiece of the production starts to unfold when the addictively harmonious strings set in, filling the cut with sprawling and euphoric energy.

Up next is dr. Fox, which is dominated by vocal snippets, growling saw-wave bass hits and driving pads. The production is filled with variation and the violent shift in tone in the latter half of this release take you by surprise, when a dirtier, grimy groove is hurled at you, maintaining a varied production that keeps your ears hooked for its nearly seven minute duration.

The B-side of the release is the darker counterpart and starts off with ‘Ghostryder’, which has a more upfront approach than the first two tracks. Ghostryder jumps right into a busy drum composition, filled with tom-driven bass stabs and haunting vocals. This tune keeps pumping forward like a freight train on xtc and is by far the roughest cut on the EP, but by no means less interesting to listen to.

The closing track to this 12” is ‘Truffles At Dawn’. Its raw bass-driven foundation is varied with smooth synth lines and soothing vocals, creating a perfect balance between deephouse and tech-house. ‘Truffles At Dawn’ feels like the proper finale to this single. ‘Find my Way’ is a refreshing set of tracks that is hard to label, which proves that mr. Cade has developed his own signature style. On the other hand the EP doesn’t get dull or monotonous halfway through, but keeps you interested from beginning to end, through a couple of well-chosen variations in mood and instruments in the different tracks. Jonny Cade has proven again that he’s here to stay, so keep an eye out for this British talent.

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