Luca Lozano has a new drop out on Disc Over Music, and it’s sounds pretty out of the ordinary. In a good way though.

The concept of Disc Over Music started merely from Tim Green’s visualization of colorful and enthralling records. Shaped by a distinctive approach towards house music, the label reformed sights on the dance floor by mingling with two opposite emotional states of dance music. Their first release conveyed from Tim Green with two originals, along with remixes from Timo Maas & My Favorite Robot. The result? Well, an inspiring record that sets the tone for more to come. The labels first release took place in September 2013.

Leading role in the label’s new release is Luca Lozano. The Berlin-established producer & owner of Klass Recordings pulled together two diverse tracks for this EP, one of which in alliance with Mr. Ho – a newcomer in the scene. The A side of the EP also bares a remix of Tim Green, while the B side invites Nicson to change the flow of the second original with his interpretation. Luca Lozano has shown for many years that he is devoted in pursuing organic sounds as much as he is interested in investigating sounds which may be poles apart for some. To this date, labels like Dirtybird, Wasabi Records, Flumo & OFF developed an attraction toward his sound. He recently released an album on his own imprint, display a diversity of sounds all of which took an organic development throughout 13 tracks. They varied from electronica, house, tech even blues & disco.

Alive is the word that sums up the title track. “Dobb Meep” is coordinated in a way of a natural orchestra, wrapping the elements into a sagacity of melancholic emotion trough appearing violins during the break. They are incomprehensible elements in an unfamiliar structure of sounds which seems out of the ordinary. The used strings seem to prepare the track for its conclusion. Instead, the track continues, inducing a melancholic flow as the violins and warm synths roam to its end.

Tim Green’s remix is not farfetched from the original but it sends off a distinctive, yet similar feeling. The track swaps sounds. The violins are being replaced by piano notes and a shadowy bassline, adding some additional groove to the mix. The track is a slow ascension to the top as with each bass note, the track develops in intensity.

On the flip, “Different Circles” attracts another vibe. Left alone with his creativity, Luca shows something totally different. The track starts off giving the idea of electronica but well in 1 minute it develops into a house-breaks track. What makes this track special is the sudden changes to a 2/4 beat & an infective bassline. It’s one of those tracks, when dropped, making the dance floor explode from out of nowhere.

Nicson’s remix of the B side changes things. Enriching the track with a pattern of drums while maintaining the driven baseline, the track suddenly turns into the everlasting tech-house genre. The bassline turns to dub and the dub turn to acid for short periods of time after several loops.

All in all, Dobb Meep EP showcases a lot of variety and originality, making you want to hear much, much more from Luca Lozano and the Disco over Music imprint.

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