Jaymo and Andy George established the label Moda Black back in 2012 and quickly rose to the expectations of the dance music industry, exploiting a darker and more obscure formula of electronic music. Among its releases, veritable artists such as: Hot Since 82, Maxxi Soundsystem and Shadow Child fulfilled the Jaymo and Andy’s musical cravings. The label itself doesn’t possess a specific hallmark. In fact it varies from electronica all the way to tech-House while staying true to their vision.

Making a name for themselves with impeccably chosen tracks as part of their VA samplers, their latest release spins around a similar practice. “Futurists” is the chosen name for their upcoming release. It conveys a firm meaning of what the label stands for, that is, forward thinking music. The VA consists of eight dance floor oriented tracks all infused and combined with house and techno. Part of this double sided Vinyl collection is: Sidney Charles, REbEL & Twon, Dudely Strangeways, Fauvrelle, Roberto Palmero, Javi Bora, Le Vinyl, Lrusse & Bleecker.

Sidney Charles has the honour of opening the 2 x 12″ with a ruthless production that hurls you right into a very naughty mood. High-energy, short bass hits and all kinds of creative bells and whistles keep the tune going like a freight train on uppers.

Stand out in this collection is Tough Luck Records owner REbEL. Together with Twon, the two boys deliver “Itchy Fingaz”, a track that brings you back to 90’s Brooklyn as Rakim-like samples hover throughout the track. Accompanied by open high hats and a driven baseline the track tells a specific story: that under any circumstance, you just cannot go wrong with a house groove as solid as this.

moda black

Dudley Strangeways reflects the labels vision more rigorously with “Call Girl”. A compelled bassline and  lost and found reverb underline a mystical sensation as you find yourself longing the woman behind the vocal. With each break in the track, the lack of information of the “voice” fills an unwanted gap and makes up for your inability to process the void. After her words can finally be heard, you get thrown into a drop so sweet it makes your skin tingle.

Wobbly is the right word for Lrusse & Bleecker’s “Hats & Nuts”. It’s somehow a disordered track with its inordinate bass, but all the mess serves to a satisfying outcome. The mixture of the low frequencies and the wobble throws gulps while cleverly placed hints,  like vague whistles and phase effects, throw the track in and out of the ordinary.

Futurists is built so that everybody can have their own. Either if it’s a 90’s fused house track, a cosmic sensation or a modern driven tech-house sound, “Futurists” packs some very welcome variety that will keep us listening to it for some time to come.

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01. Sidney Charles – Vibe

02. Rebel & Twon – Itchy Fingaz

03. Dudley Strangeways – Call Girl

04. Lrusse & Bleecker – Hats and Nuts