Armada music has been around for over 10 years and is founded by one of the leading icons of progressive/trance music, Armin van Buren.  In recent years the label has broadened it focus to underground sounds, like Green Velvet with Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) that caught the world by surprise or Groove Armada, Cari Golden, Tiga and Atapy, to name a few more.

Their latest release comes from Planet of Sound which to this day hasn’t brought to the table anything mind-boggling. Their latest track “We Are Together”, however, finds itself at the border between electronica and progressive in a very compelling manner to say the least.

To top things off, the track comes with noteworthy remixes from Piemont and H.O.S.H. that changes the tracks facade. Piemont’s remix strays away quite a lot from the original. The German duo cleaves into that progressive trait of the track and layering it with a 4/4 beat that brings more of a club tune rather than a state of relaxation. With bits of summer samples retracted from the original and airy strings overflying with delay trough the course of the track, the imposing bass chord puts the finishing touches on the overall mood. It’s remade into a dance track whereas your main attention on the dance floor will be divided between a meditation sensation and a continuous beat that allows you to balance each flowing trait that comes through the track.

H.O.S.H. is known for his ability to craft a remix and reinterprets it with his inimitable sounds while preserving the track’s tenets. This time around he does just that. With a similar layout as the original, H.O.S.H. lays out a different buildup where at first it gives the idea of a darker approach. In change, the track slowly fills with a carefree sensation as light strings bypass the authoritarian broken bass chord leaving a sense of home-bound pleasure. Passing the breakdown, the track gets seasoned with shattered-like noises over an out of this world bass chord that only accentuates in persistence. All in all the remix truly preserves the H.O.S.H. sound trademark.

‘We Are Together’ is available now.

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Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Original Mix)

Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (H.O.S.H. Remix)

Planet Of Sound – We Are Together (Piemont Remix)