Something Happening Somewhere, or shortly SoHaSo, is the name of the young record label launched in April 2013 by Dutch stronghold DJ Nuno Dos Santos. Nuno, who has been the driving force behind the label and SoHaSo clubnights at Tivoli in Utrecht and later at Trouw in Amsterdam, stood at the basis of the success at the latter club since its opening in August 2011. With the imprint, he wants to “release music from befriended producers, new talent as well as his own work.” So far so good, the first two releases received tons of positive reviews. And now this third release, ‘Babou’ EP by Presk, easily follows up on the two previous ones.

Presk isn’t an unfamiliar name in the Dutch scene either. He took some time off to figure out which sound he wanted to incorporate, knowing that he wanted to move further than his original ‘bass music’ sound. The Babou EP puts Presk far beyond the sound he has originally been known for with his upcoming 4-track EP.

Let’s start with the title track which is a composition that is adventurous, full of energy and set on one kicking bass line. The warm but dark melodious riffs constitute towards the middle of the track where Presk takes a little energy back to give a dance floor some breathing space. While never losing the face of the entirety of the track, the raw groove constantly stays put in the track until the end.

Slink Shift continues the vibe of the previous track: deep, raw, dramatic and once again full of garage and techno. Also the energy that radiates from this one moves the groove forward while pulling out the melody and focusing on the stab as a whole.

On the flip we find the remix duties are appointed to Single Point Edge for the track named Gomero, claiming back some of Presk’s original sound. Powerful chords build up towards a break in the middle of the track, where Single Point Edge leaves an exiting moment of silence to consequently hit it back with a raw groove.

To conclude on the B2 Presk presents the original mix of Gomero. Once more that same emotive dark energetic sound that he clearly mastered while creating this EP. The occasional break beat kick pattern and a heavy constant baseline are two elements that open up towards the middle and debouch into a warm melodic synth disclosure which after one minute switches gears up again to finalize this great track.

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