Today we have the pleasure of putting two residents of the Deep House Amsterdam family in the limelight. Because Prunk and his Southern brothers PONY are currently shaking up the scene with a new cut called Disluv EP, consisting of two deep ‘n jacking house tracks: ‘Loving Me’ and ‘Disluv’.

Prunk made  a name for himself after his debut at Mysteryland 2011 and has held residency at the renowned club AIR in Amsterdam where he played his blend of Nu-Disco and Chicago house. PONY (Kevin and Glenn) on the other hand are known for their unprejudiced approach to music. “Nowadays it is absolutely vital not to stick to one safe point, but improve yourself, and this can only happen if you welcome new ways of thinking.” Music has the right to children – that is their promising philosophy that already led them to a first release on Digital Sintope that caught the attention of several artists in the game. What followed were more and more bookings, and their fame which is still on the up this day.

What happens if you put those three artists in one steaming pot? Loving Me and Disluv is the musical answer to this question. So let’s have a closer look at this upcoming EP that has already received the love of DJs like Huxley, Karmon, Kolombo, The Mekanism, Atapy, Greg Pidcock, Supernova, Kellerkind and many others.

[youtube id=”AueCiD1QBcs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Let’s start with Loving Me, the more serious track of the two. It starts off with a recurring soulful vocal line, which soon is to be taken over by one deep-ass bass line. Subsequently the boys throw in some open, off beat high-hats, through which you could picture yourself back in time in an old warehouse somewhere in the industrial zones of Chicago. ‘Loving me’ is the desperate wish which is expressed in this tune. But just like love itself, Prunk and PONY build up musical tension, in order to create a climactic experience through perfect timing – but never really letting you know where you stand with it, keeping you surprised throughout.

The yearning for unattainable love in ‘Loving Me’ seems to be resolved in the title track Disluv. The hook is deep and soulful. However, the whole attitude of this track is much more uncommitted and free spirited. Rather than asking for love, this track is gonna make you keep your love for yourself. With a bass line and a drum groove that is a little bit more upbeat and vivid than in the first track, Disluv is a track to dance to in order to forget rather than to remember.

In this collaboration Prunk and PONY have shown that their musical influences and creativity go together like Bert & Ernie, creating not only a highly danceable, well-produced sound, but something that stays lingering in your head, long after your first listen. Disluv EP makes it very hard not to press the repeat button. Just wait, you’ll see.

Prunk & PONY’s tour de force can be heard outside the studio this Saturday, for they will be going toe to toe in an epic b2b set @ Chicago Social Club during Prunk’s Birthday Bash. Other acts will be Beesmunt Soundsystem, Tettero, Erik Heijting, Kimou and Joost Nicolai vs Max Abysmal.  Next to his friends, you are of course invited as well to come over and do some serious dancing and party hard. See ya there!

 (Birthday gift tip: Analog synths or vintage Dragon Ball Z cards)


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1. Disluv (snippet)

2. Loving Me (snippet)