On December 16th the renowned Culprit label will drop something that roams in the heavier, more rugged deep house territories. We checked if Shall Ocin’s Conception EP delivers the goods for LA-based imprint.

Argentinean native Nicolas Abalos also known as Paneoh who resides in Barcelona returns on Culprit with his youngest alter ego, Shall Ocin. This pseudonym has been good for about a dozen of releases of which his funky  ‘Movin On’ on Leftroom was picked up and charted. Also his remix for Maxxi Soundsystem on Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio cannot be put aside. It granted him a place in the circles with the sound he stands for; a new school sound filled with sentimental, progressive and big room deep-house elements. This sound became big after Maceo Plex’s ‘Vibe Your Love’ amongst others. Can one say this is a Spanish influenced sound, since Maceo traded his home in the States for a place in Valencia?

For the Conception release, Ocin has called in the help of the like-minded Edu Imbernon, who has a similar taste for the sweeping energetic side of deep house. Neither Ocin nor Imbernon are strangers to Culrpit. Both have had solo releases on the imprint before, and now with Conception, Culprit hosts another Hispanic podium, which translates into a solid release with clean productions and a strong modern-day melodic cut with a techy edge.

The EP kicks off with ‘Forgive Me’. A dark yet sunny groove with a great amount of warm sounds gone through the delay and reverb filters. The track breathes quality: a perfectly fitting vocal, a well put and perfectly timed break, followed by the solid dub rhythm throughout the end. Ocin’s skill to combine dark sounds and create a warm and positive vibe reveals a sophisticated and experienced musical mind behind this track.

Edu Imbernon

Edu Imbernon’s remix of Forgive Me is trademarked by his unique tech sound. A fast groove, a huge bass line, powerful chords and a constructive climax midway the track, all while staying true to the original characterize this retake. The synth loop that is introduced during the first break runs solid midway the track, after which he increases the key of the loop, lifting the speed and energy of the record. This solid composition of the track makes it suitable for a variety of DJs ranging from deep to tech to techno heads. Quick side note: The remix premiered on the 29th of October 2013 at Pete Tong’s weekly radio show, receiving lots of positive feedback, including a woman ‘offering herself’ to receive the track prior to its release date. True story.

Next up is the title track ‘The Conception’, another clean and comprehensive production by Ocin. Soul, emotion and a perfect warm autumn atmosphere characterise this record. The Conception is mellow deep house at its best, with female vocal hooks, stretched-out synths, a compressed bass and a highly infectious drop pursuing the breakdown. Once more, Ocin proves he understands the logics of music, when listening to the atmospheres he creates.

On the flip ‘Have To Say’ is the final touch the EP and is filled to the brim with musicality from beginning to end. Rich in melody through keys and synths that are matched in perfect harmony, with enough to enjoy from the lower frequencies as well. The constructiveness of this record is hard to deny. The jazzy keys are pitched up every chorus, bringing it to a constant higher level of emotion. The variety of instruments and combination as a whole speaks of perfect harmony again. I even feel a bit sad when the track slowly breaks down towards the end.

Applause is what rests. ‘Conception EP’ exhibits Shall Ocin’s level of craftsmanship in electronic music production and as a definite player in the major leagues.

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1. Shall Ocin – Forgive Me (Snippet)

2. Shall Ocin – Forigve Me/Edu Imbernon Remix (Snippet)

3. Shall Ocin – The Conception

4.Shall Ocin – Have to Say

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