In a way this should be the shortest review I’ve ever done. Because how much can one say about an EP that practically only has one track* on it? Especially when that track is a real dancefloor-killer and doesn’t seem to have any hidden meaning, my job of creating a story around the tracks given to me isn’t an easy one.

And yet, in this case I feel different. Ok, Sacrifice might not be the best track ever produced by Bicep and Simian Mobile Disco. In a way it’s even simple and very straightforward: we have our 4/4 drum loop with a slowly increasing amount of synthesizer, after which the track takes a little space, creates a bridge with a neat tension-buildup after which the release naturally follows. The track then picks up where it left off, gains speed after which it once more takes space. And even though this time the buildup is nothing but epic: if we look at the basic structure of the track, there’s nothing admirable about it.

Is that it? Frankly: yes. This track isn’t the most complicated of songs. And that’s why I love it. And I mean really love it.

This is the track everyone can dance on – both purists and ‘tourists’ of the house-genre. In that way it unites two worlds that often seem so divided. In that way, it was a genius step of the more dreamy Simian Mobile Disco and the energetic Bicep to team up for this release. It came at the exact right time: both the more powerful and melodic house-subgenres have been gaining territory in the last months and with summer finally kicking in here in Amsterdam, this is bound to become a festival-favorite for many people this year.

So what seemed to be a rather blunt observation of a 4/4 housetrack, turned out to be an appraisal for a bunch of dudes that probably have gotten enough of that already. Doesn’t matter: Bicep and Simian Mobile Disco: a job well done.

*I know it is debatable to not count the ”Beatless” and ”7,5 inches per second”-mixes of the original track as new versions, but I’ll leave that debate up to the listeners. If you feel those two do add another dimension to the EP rather than being DJ/producer-tools, let me know!