Review: Solomun – Samson EP

Hamburg’s based house music label Diynamic is one of Europe’s success stories in modern day house music. The label was founded in 2006 and currently holds 15 artists, hosts the weekly success nights Diynamic Neon Nights at Sankeys in Ibiza during the summer and now gives way to its 70th (!) release by label head honcho’s Mladen Solumun or Solomun, who gives us another delight of his endless musical talent in the form of the Samson EP. Diynamic’s (and Solomun’s) ongoing search for musical talent has put a big stamp on today’s dance scene by creating a podium for names like H.O.S.H, Stimming, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, David August and NTFO to name only a few.

At this moment the Bosnian underground DJ and producer Solomun embodies the modern European (or German) house sound with his two labels Diynamic and sub-label 2DIY4. The variety in his releases is constantly surprising. The same counts for this Samson EP, a balanced three-track EP including an emotive string version of the title song Samson on the flip.

The A side covers Medea, a 10-minute track that gets you thinking (and dancing). When listening to the record as a whole, it sounds like the emotion that’s set is referring to the famous Greek play Medea. In this play Medea is a female Greek mythological figure avenging her betraying husband by murdering their children. The production captured this atmosphere in a dark, macabre and theatrical piece. While the arrangement is straight forward, Solomun takes different turns throughout the track with the lead synths. He stays loyal to the atmosphere during the track and there is a story inside the song for everyone. Whether it is a Greek play, fast driving on a highway in Death Valley or a futuristic movie scenery, Solomun delivers a sublime and intelligent A1 print.

On the other side you’ll find the title track Samson printed. This track is cheerful and full of warm grooves in its whole. Again, Solomun takes his time; 7,5 minutes of bliss, highlighting in a break where the man puts himself in a vulnerable position by annexing an opera voice throughout this emotive deep house track. The record is tough to index in one specific genre. Solomun wanders through bits of progressive, breakbeat, melodic house and deep house and gives his listener the choice to file it under the genre they want. The track is solid and the thought behind the song goes further than only dance music. One can guess that it is only a matter of time before the first movie producer informs mr. Solomun for an official soundtrack.

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1. Solomun – Medea (Original Mix)

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2. Solomun – Samson (Original Mix)

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3. Solomun – Samson (Strings Only)

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