Solomun – Yes, No, Maybe (Original Mix)

Solomun -Yes, No, Maybe (Summer Began Mix)

Solomun -Yes, No, Maybe (Dub Mix)

A new Solomun. With Mladen being the headmaster of the star-team that is called Diynamic, it is only logical that every move this man makes is looked at with extra care. And so having to review his new ”Yes, no, maybe” EP, the 65th release on the label, was going to be a challenge. Because a logical consequence of Diynamic’s becoming so big as a platform would be that music released there would be increasingly commercial and perhaps even cheap. Furthermore, looking at the course this Hamburg-based label has set out, it seemed to me that this release would have indie/disco-house written all over it. Both features don’t particularly appeal to me, so I was really curious what this Bosnian-born German would come up with.

So let’s jump right to it. Yes, no, maybe (a title I still don’t really understand having listened carefully to the lyrics) doesn’t set out as a disco or indie-house track. Instead, it harnesses deep prolonging drums and a punching bass-synthesizer. The dark, ominous tone really appeals to me as well as does the energy this track portrays. ”Yes, no, maybe” has a lot of punch which is in a way not a surprise if you listen to older tracks Solomun has made. But given the fact that his label as an organization currently seems to be a lot more into pop-like deephouse, it seems like an interesting choice. Maybe staying true to the typical Diynamic sound was the reason for the vocal – which in my eyes is kind-of a bummer. Catchy lines such as ‘Summer just began and I don’t want it to end’ don’t really get the fire started in my point of view.

Luckily everyone gets to pick whatever he likes these days, and therefore it is the dub version that I like. In fact, I like it a lot. Without the vocal, the rawness of the track really gets it’s way and what emerges is is a killer track that houses a lot of energy, mystery and best of all: keeps you going.  Parts of it are in fact so raw that I sometimes wondered if it was still deep house I was listening to. But I’ll leave the genre discussion to those that are far better at it. What is hardly deniable, is that there is a really steady groove in ”Yes, no, maybe”, making it the perfect track for retaining the energy on the dancefloor whilst building up to something epic.

It’s strange, but having listened to the only remix on the EP (which is done by Solomun himself) I noticed that in this version the vocals don’t strike me as annoying as I found them in the original. It seems beter supported by the underlying music creating a more harmonious combination. If the vocal is to your liking, pick that remix I’d say!

Summarizing my opinion about ”Yes, no, maybe”, I am pleasantly surprised by the general tone, which is in my eyes a lot harder, darker and heavier than some of Diynamic’s recent releases. It shows that its frontman is willing to go his own way and create whatever he thinks is cool. If he’s going to portrait the same amount of creativity at the Diynamic festival this saturday, I think the audience over there will be getting a lot of bang for their buck!