Italian DJ and production duo Karm and Matteo, also known as Tale of Us, are currently using Berlin as a base for their visionary musical quest. Combining house and techno with influences from pop, nu-disco or even rock music, they managed to create a unique sound which caught them the attention of Seth Troxler’s Visionquest, with whom they released their first EP. The rest is history. Thriving in the nesting ground for creativity that is Berlin, they recently teamed up with Vaal, an experimental producer who’s not afraid to think outside the box. Hell, he wouldn’t even know where the box is. And it’s exactly that kind of mentality that makes Tale of Us’ unorthodox sounds flourish, as their collab EP ‘Concor’ proves.

The 2-track EP kicks off with title track ‘Concor’. It has that deep techno feel to it, the no-nonsense sweaty, dark vibe that you hear at a good underground party. The throbbing bass is of that type that makes your body tremble, and has you wondering whether it’s coming from the speakers or if your body has a hidden sub inside. The resonating echo is of the type which confuses you, making you wonder whether the sounds are coming from left or right, or maybe it was inside your head all the time. It’s the type of track that’s bigger than you might think the first time you hear it – it’s filled with harmonies, eastern scales, xylophone instrumentals covered in layers of echo. Actually it’s not even too far from experimental jazz, where Vaal’s influence can clearly be heard. There’s so much going on, but it doesn’t overdo it, and that’s where you win my respect – so many producers these days try to show everything they’ve got, but end up losing themselves in an abundance of tracks that just don’t add up. ‘Concor’ is extraordinary, great for no-nonsense techno dance floors, and when smoking up a big one at home. It’s a great musical journey wherever you are. Tale of Us and Vaal prove to be a match made in heaven.

On the flip is a solo composition by Vaal: ‘Seahnak’. Composition is the perfect word to describe it, because this is so much more than electronic music vocabulary can describe. Seahnak is played by an orchestra, with Vaal as the conductor. Several acts form the arrangement, with several instruments taking the lead role. I won’t go into detail on the how and where, just as it wouldn’t make sense deconstructing Beethoven’s 7th. Just press play, close your eyes, and let Vaal guide you into a new era for electronic music. It’s unusual, it’s abnormal, and absolutely beautiful, and a prime example of why I love electronic music: it’s constantly evolving, changing, and taking new directions which can sweep you off your feet and makes you ask yourself this constantly refreshing question: what’s next?

Tale of UsVaal

1. Concor (preview)

2. Seahnak (preview)