Telonius – Old Toy (excerpt)

Telonius – Old Toy (Dub) (excerpt)

Telonius – Old Toy (Ricardo Baez Remix) (excerpt)

Telonius – Old Toy (Stefano Ritteri Remix) (excerpt)

Listening to ”Old Toy” makes it clear that house is here to stay. The original is packed with energy and grooves like hell. The female chopped-up vocal might be considered a bit cheesy, but you can’t deny it’s catchiness. The original track clearly reaches to what I like to call a Hed-Kandi kind of sound: smooth, groovy, warm vocalistic music with a distinct sexy edge to it. The remix by Stefano Ritteri takes the vocal-chopping even further, creating a long and steady buildup kind of track which actually doesn’t release at all.

It’s a perfect tune for keeping the energy on the dancefloor at a constant level and is a lot more dark-colored than the original. The last track, a remix by Ricardo Baez, isn’t very special in my honest opinion. It sounds like a rearrangement of the original with a few minor changes. But the mixing is done quite properly which makes up a bit for it’s lack in originality. My pick is the original track because of it’s appealing arrangement and warm organ groove.