A debate that grew in size and gravity in the dance scene this year must have been the extensive iPhone-recording sessions that some clubbers undertake on the dance floor. For some people it kills the experience for those filming/photographing and all the people around them, while others don’t really see the problem in a few screens up in the air. Aside from vivid debates on social media and comment sections on music platforms, it seems that most DJs aren’t that keen on the snapshot-happy fans that stand in front of the crowd, since they seem more interested in their phone’s screen than the music and effort of the artist in front of them.

During his set at Time Warp this weekend in NYC, Richie Hawtin was pulled out of his zone when he saw a phone-wielding girl five feet away from him. It was probably the last drop for him, and perhaps a bit of alcohol helped him towards that point, as his reaction might come across as a bit excessive: he pushes a big monitor speaker towards the girl, pushing her a few steps back. People backstage immediately run towards her to see if she is allright. She was, and so was her iPhone supposedly.

Check out the video below – which was shot, of course, by a visitor with a smartphone. What do you think: accident or an intentional act of hostility?