Held at Berlin’s Chalet, RITE::. is about immersive connected experience, connecting artists, venues, and audiences and highlighting the importance of community and (healthy) ritual in our far-reaching scene.

In an effort to find more ways to engage with this connection, RITE::. ads a new aspect to their event series, and in the city with the most music producers per capita is something most welcome, the ‘RITE::. Producer MeetUp.’

The idea is simple: For all aspiring music producers in the city of Berlin, RITE::. offers the opportunity to test out their own productions on one of Berlin’s best club sound systems, while also able to network and receive constructive feedback from fellow producing peers. Ahead of their monthly Thursday events, the ‘RITE::. Producer MeetUp’ will take place in Chalet‘s Salon Room, using its tuned Funktion One sound system.

The first editions of the RITE::. Producer MeetUp took place on 26 July and 16 August, respectively, with the man in charge, Justin Massei and company listening over some 30 aspiring producers. On those events, some of the figures involved describe it as:

“The RITE::. events and concept has grown quickly over the last two years. Justin is a fantastic promoter and DJ and his vision, attention to detail, and musical direction has proven trustworthy. Chalet and I are happy to open our doors for the ‘RITE::. Producer MeetUp’ and feel it’s important to give something back to the community and support the next generation of music makers in the city.” – Sofia Kourtesis, Head Booker, Chalet

“Unfortunately I landed too late to attend the first meetup, but I like the idea and think it’s a great way to support new talent.”Toto Chiavetta

“Along with the RITE::. club night experience, I’m most interested in bringing value, strengthening community, and ultimately building depth, character, and reach of the RITE::. brand. It’s a bit surprising nothing like this isn’t already being done here in Berlin, but the Producer MeetUp idea feels natural and in-need.” – Justin Massei


RITE::. returns on September 20 at Chalet

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