The history of Roland is riddled with revolutionary moments in dance music from around the world.  From the Jupiter 8 to the TR-808, Roland’s collection of synthesizers has become synonymous across genre. Now, the company is set to release a limited edition book documenting 23 of their most iconic pieces of gear with ‘R Is For Roland‘.

Featuring the Space Echo RE-201, System-100, SH-7, CR-78, Jupiter-4, RS-09, TR-808, Jupiter-8, TB-303, TR-606, Juno-6, SH-101, Jupiter-6, MC-202, JX-3P, TR-909, Juno-106, TR-707/727, Alpha-Juno 1/2, TR-505 and TR-626, the book focuses on the years between 1973 to 1987 with artistic portraits, in depth interviews, and historical insight.

The 384 page, sleek silver designed book includes portraits of each respective piece of hardware alongside exclusive interviews with some of the Japanese company’s foremost musical ambassadors like Jeff Mills, Legowelt, Plastikman, The Hacker, Modeselektor, Portishead, and Mathew Jonson. Words also come by way of The Analog Roland Orchestra’s Michael Matlak, and Florian Anwander, with talented photographer Tabita Hub handling the machine portraits.

“I don’t always make music by the pool, but when I do, I use Roland…” – Giorgio Moroder

Source: MusicRadar