Rose Ringed’s 10th EP on Closed Eyes Recordings named from the Hearttells a personal story. This EP is all about love and its infinite scope of feelings it triggers.

The first track named: What We Do For Love starts out with a dreamy 8 chord progression followed by classic Rose Ringed 16th note baseline and hi-hats. The track is all about the huge break which builds down slowly and then explodes into an 80s like melody which makes you feel both euphoric and nostalgic at the same time. This is some fist-pumping main stage material and also Roses favorite track he produced in his career.

The Second track named; More Than Anything starts out with a lush sounding 32 bar melody which is followed by a groovy kick and base combination. The tracks build on and surprise with a jazzy solo leading into the break. The melody the tracks start with gets opened up again and switches the song to a melodic baseline instead of a groovy one. The tracks follow a very unusual song structure and has quite some surprises, to rose this is track resembles many aspects of his musical tastes. You can hear his jazz roots in the solo and chords, his love for energy in the baseline, and his love for euphoric inducing moments in all the drops.

The Third track named Paradise is again very different than the other tracks. With its Big vocal leading into a big drop with a huge sub-baseline the track makes you dream away. As the lyrics tell you, the soundscape feels like a dream-like a paradise. Rose tells us the chords in the track makes him feel very melancholic and made the track for him.

Rose Ringed – What We Do For Love [Closed Eyes Recordings]
1. What We Do For Love
2. More Than Anything
3. Paradise
Release Date: 25-09-2020 // Buy here