DJ, Producer, Live Performer and Parisian Ayahuasca event series host, Sander is one artist with a life dedication to music.

Through releases like ‘One Year’ and ‘Ale’l Vêfa’, he has become known for his distinct skill of melody writing, and now, with his Crossings debut, intelligently combines them with powerful grooves into a mind-blowing number – ‘Floraison’, released as part of Crossings new V/A “Reflection” series (of which we also exclusively premiered its b-side from Vander – Blue Eyes).

Since its inception, Crossings has been striving to promote talents such as Parallells, Joep Mencke, Bondarev and Sam Shure by bringing together like-minded music lovers and artists. With “Reflection Vol. 1” Crossings now shines its spotlight on the residents of Horde in Paris and The Gardens of Babylon in Amsterdam.

“Reflection Vol. 1” is available 9 March on Crossings ORDER

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