School starts on the 8th of March. Not any school, but the School of House. A new educational platform for the dance industry. It might be just the right thing for you if you’re interested in working with events, artists or music. The classes cover everything in these areas from music programming to DJ performance and artist booking.

The general idea behind the School of House is to offer a private education in-house and guest collaborations with renowned institutions such as Hogeschool Amsterdam, Fontys and ROC.  The program consist of both theory and practice. Students learn about management issues as well as creative matters. The lessons are taught at the ID&T Nachtlab in Amsterdam and partly at industry locations as; festivals, clubs and agencies. The aim is to share knowledge and inspire students to work as a professional in the field of Dance.

The people behind The School of House are well known names in the industry. Duncan Stutterheim, the mind behind events like Sensation and Mysteryland and Jan-Maarten Hartong, also known as DJ Jama. Together with other professionals such as Roog, Mason, Dimitri Kneppers and Olivier Weiter. In contrast to other classes you can learn more about the things that can make your career tip, for example about networking and connecting.


The School of House offers so courses and masterclasses. The courses are more general and divided into ‘Artist & Industry’, ‘DJ & Performance’, ‘Event & Organisation’ and ‘Music Creation & Production’. The masterclasses on the other hand focus on more specific and relevant topics. At this moment you can choose between ‘Booker & Agent’, ‘Dance history, Genres & Labels’, ‘Marketing & PR’ and ‘Music Programming’.

The first course ‘Event & Organisation’, starts Wednesday the 8 th of April and is almost sold out. For the ‘Music Creation & Production’  course are five chairs left. So hurry up if you’re interested.

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