25 years in anything is no easy feat, which makes Amsterdam’s Secret Cinema’s quarter century celebration in the dance music game all the more special.

To celebrate this very special occasion, Secret Cinema has recently released a limited edition box set, containing 200+ tracks alongside some quirky giveaways. Aside from the mountain of music, the set also included a very special documentary on the artist, his journey, and future. Now, Secret Cinema and his Gem Records in collaboration with Mary Go Wild are set to release the documentary as a stand alone piece and we are proud to say that DHA is exclusively premiering the film!

Peer into the world of one of The Netherlands most recognizable artists with footage from his childhood, growing up in Amsterdam, his dad passing and how it effected his career, clips with fans and other international recognised DJ’s and what has made him the DJ and label boss that he is today at Gem Records.

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Photo: Secret Cinema’s studio in 1994 at his parent’s house