Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival made waves this year by hosting the world’s first party inside a glacier. For the many who missed out the first time, they have just announced its return for the second time in 2016.

Set within a recently-opened cave system of Langjökull glacier – the second-largest glacier in Europe – the setting for the event is truly the standout feature that isn’t mirrored anywhere else on Earth. Langjökull’s 10,000+ year-old ice forms a spectacular arena, allowing guests to experience something that would seem more fitting as a location in a sci-fi Hollywood movie.

Secret Solstice presents Into The Glacier will host two parties in 2016, each a relatively private show for 100 lucky guests only. Each event will have a slightly different vibe, with the Saturday the 18th of June 2016 performance being a DJ set by a world-famous electronic act, and the Sunday the 19th 2016 show featuring an acoustic set by a prominent Icelandic artist.

While Secret Solstice has not yet announced artists for the 2016 glacier shows, names are expected to be released for each show within the upcoming weeks. However, the event warns tickets will likely be sold out by the time that happens.

In total the event takes around seven hours, and includes transport to and from Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík, a short guided tour of the glacier’s tunnel system, the main party event inside one of Langjökull’s ice chambers, and two drinks included for each guest.

If being one of only a handful of people on Earth who are able to experience the incredibly unique event in 2016 sounds like it’s for you, Secret Solstice presents Into The Glacier is on sale now.

Only 100 tickets available for each show at 34,900 Icelandic krona (approx. £177/$269/€248), and are expected to sell out fast.