Rising funds for Keep Sydney Open, Seth Troxler and his crew of Subsonic Festival daredevils will take the plunge with a group skydiving sessions on December 8.

The effort, a collaboration between Subsonic, Rebel Butterfly PR, Pulse and Sydney Skydivers, is meant to raise awareness and money toward the Keep Sydney Open campaign, which aims to highlight the cultural struggle of the Australian city’s infamous lock out laws.

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Since their introduction, some 30 venues throughout Sydney’s have been forced to shut their doors and with the recent community activation of the #savefabric campaign, perhaps it is time to turn attention toward what is going down in Australia.

For more information and how to support go HERE


Seth Troxler (DJ) + friends
Dana Ruh (DJ)
Archie Hamilton (DJ)
Murat Kilic (DJ)
Jay Samson (Rebel Butterfly)
Jordan Smith (Pulse)