The ongoing debacle that is SFX has finally had its consequences reach Dutch shores.

After the sales of music platform Beatport and ticketing service Flavorus, it seems like Dutch dance music mega promoters ID&T, QDance, and B2S are next on the auction (or sales) block. Though rumoured to be a relatively “painless” change of hands, unlike the companies North American ventures, details remian sketchy as to the exact restruscturing and terms of the proceedings.

This all comes via Dutch media magazine Quote, whose anonymous sources also haven’t provided much insight outside of the already mentioned news. All this comes as a result of SFX bankruptcy filing, which has send shockwaves through the dance industry and is widely considered one of the primary factors int he recent decline in EDM interest. At the time of bankrupcy, ID&T had alrwady taken precautions, outlining their differences in “vision and goals, including a long-term strategy, are different from those of the publicly listed company.”

So far, it seems like all the Dutch organizations will find a common ground, with the ID&T resructuring including Q Dance co founder Wouter Tavecchio and B2S founder Jan Lok joining the ranks.

The wheels keep on turning for SFX and who knows what the future will bring, but the restructuring of the once dance giant has also found Dutch festival Awakenings and German promoters i-Motion planning a break away. Let’s see what happens next…