Kūn blends what House& Techno music has best to offer, rooted in the tradition of digital art, IDM and geek culture.

The duo brings together edge-cutting avant-garde material, defined both by experience and impulse, technology and freshness from a studio built completely in the cloud. Their philosophy cherishes their name for its meaning of equality and multiplicity. As Instrumentalists, vocalists, producers and DJs, they see the dance floor as an open and limitless territory for dialogue, expression and ultimately inner-travel.

Check out this most talented duo as they take to the slopes of Leysin, where they will be on hand as part of Shapes Festival Leysin. Between 1 – 4 March, Kūn will join the likes of Optimo, Pangaea, Sascha Funke, Vox Low & More.

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1 -4 March | Shapes Festival Leysin | Tickets | Leysin, Switzerland