A French startup has recently developed a new app for music discovery, which also allows its users to share content via social networks, including Instagram.

Now, one of the image centered social networks most used apps, SOUNDS has capitalized on the popularity of Instagram’s recent video sharing capabilities. By allowing users to share 15 second audio previews, SOUNDS provides the receiver album artwork, watermarked with a “Made with Sounds app” (eliminated for partnered organisations, like The Fader and Ed Banger Records).

SOUNDs is available for sharing on other apps too, like Tinder, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but Instagram seems to be the far and away winner in terms of user popularity. “Unlike other apps, we only use the cover art when you share a song,” co-founder and CEO Rhai Goburdhun told TechCrunch. “That’s why our users share a lot more often. We don’t use music as a way to showcase user-generated content.”

At its core, however, SOUNDS remains a music discovery app,with content supplied via Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes, but should its future hold exclusive licensing deals, should evolve into a platform with direct artist curated playlists (at the moment, it relies on the Soundcloud API).

With a handful of channels and around 3,000 artist and labels signed on to SOUNDS, it is too soon to tell whether its ambitious plans will come to be, but it has certainly made its mark with Instagram sharing.

Source: TechCrunch