Shazam Will Now Be A TV Show For Some Reason

In today’s media apocalypse watch, music discovery app Shazam will be turned into a TV show by…yes, you guessed it… FOX.

I guess the idea is somewhat obvious. Entitled Beat Shazam, the show pits contestants against each other in identifying track artists and title, gaining the HONOR of playing against the Shazam algorithm in the final round.

There is no date set for the show’s debut, but it is the brainchild of uber producer Mark Burnett (The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice – yes, he is the guy responsible for Donald Trump’s TV celebrity, Survivor, etc.), as FOX looks to fill the hole left by the departure of American Idol. With that (and, of course, finances) it’s focus has shifted seriously to non-scripted television with other upcoming examples being…forget it, they’re all lame af.

So, yeah, after robots have taken our assembly line jobs and consolidated marketing, its now up to their bastard cousin, the algorithm, to further impoverish the human race…well, at least we’ll finally know whether we are superior to math…and, that’s something.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter