This weekend six more people in the UK have been hospitalized after taking the notorious UPS ecstasy pills. The pills, which are reportedly only still in circulation in the UK, have an extremely high dosage of MDMA and are three times as strong as regular tablets. Some pills even carry 275 mg of MDMA.

A statement by police authorities read that multiple clubbers fell ill at The Medicine Bar in Middlesbrough after taking the tablets. The pills don’t cause harm the way, PMA pills would. This doesn’t mean that the effects are not alarming. Users experience extreme overheating, so the possibility of dehydration is greater than with regular-sized pills. A statement from drug-safety organization The Loop reads:

“[We] would urge you to be extra cautious if you choose to take pills matching this description. Start with as low a dose as possible and wait at least 1 hour before considering redosing. Take plenty of breaks from dancing; avoid mixing with alcohol or other drugs; and ensure you stay hydrated and drink water regularly (no more than 1 pint per hour, sipped).”

So be alarmed for these conspicuous units when you’re out partying the coming weekends.  For updated reports on dangerous drugs that are currently in circulation, check out Pill Reports.

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Sources: Mixmag / Metro