Interview: MK

What about from the year that past. What were some highlights for you?
So many great trips, so many awesome shows; Ibiza Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Creamfields was amazing, Area 10 at We Are Festival, shows in Ireland, & SW4 of course, shows in Scotland are so much fun and The Warehouse Project always on point.

Last we spoke you were prepping your We Are FSTVL stage in London…
And here we are again, I am prepping for We Are but I am doing the mainstage this year. So excited about that.

Despite the personal triumphs of the year, it is undeniable it was a tough year for many around the world. I wonder (and for some of my own curiosity) where do you stand on the DJ being political? Do you feel there is a role to play in that conversation?
Great question, I am glad you asked. Like anyone else I have an opinion about politics, especially now. I think there is a role that I have a responsibility to play. We all live in this world and it is important to me that I live a life filled with meaningful contributions in music and our society. I live in California, I think that tells you everything about my politics.

For me, I just don’t see how any individual can separate their life from the current state of affairs, as it is quite an unprecedented time. Would there ever be a situation where you would say that you simply would not perform for a certain demographic or market based on ideological reasons?
Absolutely I won’t play in Russia again until there is a regime change there.

For example, Dave Clarke has recently stated he will not tour the US while Trump is in office.
I can understand that there is a lot to be upset about now, but my view is that you play more now and find a way to get the message through.

I saw on your twitter you recently got a pretty dope Boba Fett tattoo. As I’m assuming you’re a Star wars fan, what were your thoughts on Rogue One?
Oh, no that might have to wait for the next interview, we could do one just on Star Wars and my feelings about each film and the story lines.

I quite liked the contained war film nature of it…reminded me of Saving Private Ryan more than anything else…
I agree!

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