Nick Curly continues to set his own tech house and techno agenda over the past decade, solidifying himself as a permanent fixture of the highest level as DJ, producer and label owner.

With a signature groove-based sound, moving through deep and tech-house to techno and back again, Nick’s reputation now stands as a guaranteed stamp of quality for DJs and dance-floor devotees worldwide. As a Producer, he has released recently on the likes of Drumcode, Mobilee, and Second State, while his own 8bit imprint continues to be the backbone of a prolific production schedule (including his forthcoming “Amnezia” EP). As a DJ, Nick Curly is a globe trotter with upcoming appearances at Fabric, Pacha Ibiza, Fuse Festival, Off Week, and Sonus Festival.

Here, anticipating his return to Croatia for Sonus, we have a very special mix and interview with the 8bit boss. Here, Nick discusses Croatia, his summer and more, while providing an exclusive mix completely constructed of original studio work.

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We’re talking here since anticipating your appearance at Croatia’s Sonus Festival 2017? Can you tell us a bit about the festival and how you see it? What makes it unique / different from Croatia’s stacked summer festival scene?
This summer is my third year joining the Sonus team and this year is the 2nd year that Ill be bringing Trust, my party brand. Sonus for me is one of the highlights of the festival season as the location is great and has some serious venues with some serious sound systems. It is also made that bit better as I know a lot of the guys that organize it because they are also involved in Time Warp, which is based in my hometown, Mannheim. We just end up having a lot of laughs and getting our selves in some funny situations.

Last year we had a very special guest in the form of Marco Carola join us at the Trust party and he absolutely smashed it. This year we have another big name and someone I am really looking to play alongside – Jackmaster. I think he will really suit our venue Kalypso, an open air club right next to the sea what more could you want?

Speaking of Croatia, how do you view the energy and atmosphere their especially during festival season? Where do you see the future of Croatian nightlife?
Croatia is somewhere I am quite familiar with. When I was younger my parents used to take me in a Caravan for our holidays and I always loved it. I then started getting busy with music and stopped visiting but now it’s a top party hotspot in Europe and I love returning year on year.

The country itself is great to travel around with the coastlines and mountains but then you arrive in these little towns and they are geared up to host some of the best parties around at the moment.

It actually reminds me a lot of the early days of Ibiza when you could party outside all day with the sun on your back. I miss these days in Ibiza and I hope Croatia can continue in this way because there is nothing better than open-air venues, good music, the sun and a beer!

The Croatian circuit is pretty hectic but what I like is that each party has managed to keep its identity and not become clones of each other. On top of Sonus I am also playing Hideout and DFTD Croatia this year but each one has its own style and attractions and that is why I think the Croatian market is doing so well.

How has 2017 started so far? So far so good?
I would be lying if I said things weren’t going well!

I started this year in the Swiss Alps for a new years eve gig which I followed up with a 3 week tour of Miami, BPM festival, Chile and Argentina. I have loved playing these South American countries a lot. The vibe is different level down there. People are so into their music and just love to party. I am very thankful for the whole experience.

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a lot of new music and have finally finished my new 8Bit ep that will be out in April alongside a remix I did for Emanuel Satie on Saved Records out in June. Next up is the WMC in Miami, which is always out of control and a good laugh!

How do you construct a year in Dance music given your hand in multiple aspects of the industry? Do you have a template for dividing up your year?
If I had a template for my year I think I would I would end up missing all the fun! The thing with dance music is every year is different and there are so many new parties and new ideas the scenery is always evolving.

Of course you know that you will be in Ibiza between May and September and your big South American dates likely between October and January. However there is now so many promoters and people that are kicking it up a gear that there is always something new and exciting to do when and where there wasn’t before.

My team and me take our time to assess the right options of course but there is no template to breaking up the year. We go with the flow and enjoy the diversity of the industry and its ideas.

Aside from Sonus, what other dates are you looking forward to? Any destinations that you haven’t been before?
I am really looking forward to the next few months and the summer season. Time Warp is my yearly highlight with all my friends there with it being in Mannheim.

We are also bringing Trust to Fabric (April 30th) with Mathew Johnson, Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Paul Ritch and our man from Sonus Jackmaster will also be there. This is something that we are really excited for.

June we take over the ZT Hotel for Off Week with our yearly open air party that is nothing but sun and sangrias by the pool with some wicked DJs providing the tunes. The support for this has been massive and we are now on the final release ticket, which means we are in for something special.

Then Ibiza starts where I have some great gigs already lined up at DC-10 and Amnezia and a couple more that I cannot say too much about just yet.

Speaking of travelling, sometimes I feel that the aspect gets a bit lost in the touring life, especially given the multi platform approach to success in nightlife these days. Bottom line is artists still get to travel the world even if it is hopping from hotel to plane to hotel again. How do you view the travel aspect of your job? Do you feel like you view it differently to when you first started?
Travelling can often be the hardest part of the job. Going straight from the club on no sleep to an early morning flight, averaging 5 flights a weekend it is difficult.

On the flip side though its one of the best parts of the DJ lifestyle. I am so lucky to experience the places I have. When you arrive the promoters look after you and often take you to the hidden gems of the city where the locals not the tourists enjoy and you et to see and experience so many different things.

I guess what it really comes down to is this; no one likes sitting on a plane or a train for 14 hours but the pain of being crunched in a tiny Ryanair economy seat, squashed between the incredible Hulk and King Kong is worth it when you touch down and get to explore something new.

“Amnezia” is out 24 April on 8bit


20 – 24 August | Sonus 2017 | Tickets | Pag Island, Croatia


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