With an immense line up announced a while back, plans are in motion for this year’s edition of Straf_Werk Festival and we find ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re digging deep into the stages at Straf_Werk Festival to assure that you’ll fully be aware of the surrounding sounds and melodies during the entire festival. The festival is rounded up with a total of four stages and since the wait is almost over we’ll tease you just a bit more.

The third stage of Straf_Werk Festival oaths its visitors to a tireless mind activity accompanied by sound and bizarre visual by Kompakt’s VJ Okinawa 69 that’s renowned for his bizarre yet music embodied visual effects. The Trappenhuis tent or the stairwell area will transform itself towards the fourth dimension as each corner will give the impression of vast approaching staircases leveling music with art in a constraint space. Its idea is to twist minds into misperception of each person’s actual location. Is it under or over the stairs? (see a video below, scrolling down)

Straf Werk Skinny

Trappenhuis will piece together Straf_Werk Festival through its infinite style of music as the stage will prime with the endless sound of Innervission as Ame – one of the co-owners of the label – will highlight the night with his three hour set. Already distinguished throughout the dance music industry though his long lasting sets, Ame’s time at the festival will be of carried out in a DJ manner, rather than their live act. The time between 8 PM and 11 PM will belong to Kristian and the lost and found dancers in the preternatural location.

Ten Walls is the man that shaped whims in the minds of dance music fanatics, whose two mystical tracks hyped Ibiza and the entire world in the past two years. His live sets have already grabbed a hold of ravers in merely each and every continent as people seem to not have enough. Walking With Elephant released on his own BOSO has surpassed all expectations, being one of Ibiza’s top tracks this year. His time slot for Trappenhuis will surely keep you on an up-tempo.

As we’re accustomed to seeing DJ’s switch towards a more artist like allure and playing gigs with their own characteristic sounds. Equivocal like most of his kind the Spaniard that hides behind the pseudonym, Pional has been showcased on labels such as Young Turks or Permanent Vacation. An adept of electronica and house he will confine his time and space in an equivocal passage of expanse as his live set could easily stop time in his place.

To surpass the transcendent sounds that will overtake Trappenhuis, one of France’s new era DJ and producers, Agoria will bypass the taboo sounds that are set for this stage and will deliver a proper energetic techno. Renowned for his ever famous 2012 release on Innervisions entitled “Singing”, Agoria brought onto the German label a touch of the French eclecticism we’re all so used to. His mid-day set will enhance your tip toes and leave you in your own personal mirage.

Job Jobse and Tsepo one of Amsterdam’s most prevailing artists in the last couple of years are guaranteed to take you on for a spin through their indefinite sounds. Trademarked by Trouw Amsterdam, they’ve became the hottest acts of the local scene, along with the spirited night club they’ve worked so hard to attach that ever culminating sound.

Trappenhuis stage at Straf_Werk Festival will bear the mark of Innervisions, showcasing their understanding of sound and their limitless connection towards musical art.

Ame | Ten Walls | Agoria | Pional (LIVE) | Job Jobse | Tsepo | & many more on the other stages

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