We present you the fifth podcast in collaboration with Straf_Werk Festival on the 11th of August. This time the ass shaking duo Chopstick & Johnjon took over the decks.

How it all began for the duo… Before the joint journey of german born John and the vietnamese/canadian Thien can begin, they first had to get to know each other. The first meeting takes place in Hamburg to which Thien arrives 3 hours late and finds Johns first steps in production rather amusing than inspiring. But at the point where John puts on a few vinyls to show his DJ-sound the first common ground on style was set! The year 2002 has come and Chopstick & Johnjon become an inseparable duo. Their relationship started to grow and they spend their first hours in the studio. The EP “Supermodel” is in the box and is soon picked up by the label Voidcom, which is also the home of artists such as Kevin Saunderson and Alexander Kowalski. But before they can continue their promising work, a change of scenery was necessary. New destination: Berlin (who would’ve thought… duh!)

Their sound could be merely described as driving, ass shaking tracks that bring a smile to your face by putting the focus on the music and melodies. The two do remixes for Deep Dish, Heiko Laux, Dirt Crew, Robyn and many more. The whole thing becomes pretty successful.. So the journey begins. Chopstick & Johnjon plug dozens of pins into the globe. Japan, Canada, Australia and Brazil are the countries where the PING-PONG DJs leave their unforgettable traces. The aim of each gig: vodka in the veins, keep every ass moving the whole night and back to the plane!

Straf_werk is an initiative that started 2 years ago actually as an afterparty but soon moved to the ‘Melkweg’ and since then has grown massively. With names such as Jamie Jones, David August, NOIR, DJ T, Daniel Bortz, Amine Edge, Todd Terje, Laura Jones, Ben Pearce and some of our own dutch talents such as Prunk, Homework and PONY. The future is looking bright for this still young organization. With a coproduction named DGTL and many great events coming up they are not to be stopped.


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11th of August | Sportpark Riekerhaven Amsterdam | Straf_werk Festival | Tickets