A. Subb-an feat. Footprintz – Rain

B. Subb-an & Tom Trago feat. Seth Troxler – Time

The highly respected Visionquest Label from Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, the most innovative and exciting new breed of DJ/producers to come out of the city of Detroit in a generation, has yet set another monster release. This time it is the young shining star Subb-an with vocals from Footprintz featured on the A-side and a collaboration with our dutch pride Tom Trago featured on te B-side with No.1 Seth Troxler on vocals. Released as a digital only, Subb-an’s partner in crime Adam Shelton steps in for remix duty and rounds of what is undoubtedly set to be a special release for all involved

With huge releases on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Culprit La, Spectral Sound and his own One Records he always delivers his very own distinctive style. Regarding the A-side of the release, it may come as a surprise that Subb-an delivers a very mesmerizing slice of electronica. Written over a year ago and feeling that ‘Rain’ was a very special track there was much deliberation on finding a perfect fit for the vocals. The captivating synths and beautiful dreamy chords go along perfectly with the haunting vocals of Footprintz that swirls through the deeper vortex.

When I heard this beautiful piece of work being played for the first time in an abandoned church in New York on NYE, I fell in love with the release. The mesmerizing atmosphere of the church together with all these warm and intriguing sounds being played by artists like Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Pillowtalk, Voices of Black, Wolf+Lamb, Slow Hands, was almost like listening to a painting. When getting this release in my inbox it reminded me again of this beautiful evening and took me back there for a little. It is definitely one of those tracks that you won’t forget soon and when hearing it back in 10 years it will bring me back to that one night in New York..

On the flip we have our very own dutch pride, Tom Trago. When Tom was asked to remix Subb-an’s ‘What I Do’ on Culprit La a special bond was born, resulting in a special friendship and this great piece called ‘Time’. They found their way of making a dance floor weapon that is building with tension and suspense as hypnotic waves are thrown into the equation. The thought provoking vocals spoken by Seth Troxler send the track into new dimension and with these three heavy weights involved; it’s set to be a big one.

The past few years have seen a rapid rise to fame for Subb-an and with his huge plans in place for the coming year including the 10 Year of Crosstown World Tour and his debut artist album we expect nothing more then him following his path and continuing in line of his success story.