After disCerN and Stefan Z, Subjekt Recordings has brought another striking artist to our attention. Like his predecessors he too helps to push electronic music into the future. His mix is a 90-minute soundscape built out of cosmic, celestial harmonies, driving rhythms and basslines that give you instant goosebumps. Get ready for Patlac.

Patrick Müller, aka Patlac, is a German-born and -based artist. His journey into the world of electronic music began at an early age. After taking the first curious steps as a DJ he soon realized the emotional landscape of the dancefloor was a place of mutual listening and sharing. Alone or together with his best friend Matthias Meyer he went exploring those places and moments even further. Being friends since their childhood, the two complemented each other playing back-to-back in a perfect way.

But just playing records wasn’t enough for Patlac on the long run. The need to develop and create an own sound was inevitable. Their first EP on the Hamburg imprint Liebe*Detail extended the collaboration outside of the DJ booth and gave the possibility to work as an individual producer as well. Until today, Patlac has released singles on labels as Soufooled, Baalsaal, Rec, and 60 Hertz.

Besides his own releases, Patlac has earned respect as a remixer. His remixes for Pets Recordings, Liebe*Detail, Noir, Music Gewinnt, Freunde, Darkroom Dubs and several other proved that he knows his way around the studio. No matter if it’s one of his own creations or a remix, Patlac’s work always reflects his sensitive approach to music and the dancefloor. His attention to place, time and people results in energetic sessions, not only driven by driving rhythms and hypnotic grooves but also by a sense for harmony and melody.

Patlac adds up to the already respectable output of Subjekt Recordings, the fresh Amsterdam-based label that is making waves at the moment, especially with their latest ‘In And Out’ release by Atapy and Tim Paris that is still climbing the deep house charts. Subjekt Recordings has many exciting artists lined up, like Stefan Z who is dropping his BLU EP’ on the imprint on he 7th of July and an upcoming EP by disCerN. Also Patlac’s longtime friend Matthias Meyer will soon come with a special podcast. So stay tuned for more action..


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