Hailing from a noiseless city near Germany’s magnet of house music, Hamburg, Matthias Meyer pushed forth boundaries and got acclaimed outside his own bubble. As a young devotee and passionate about music, Matthias was captivated by a current that seemed too far reached for some, but his curiosity of Chicago & Detroit sound was awe-inspiring.

In a period when minimal was at its peak and dance music was preparing for a minimal boom, Matthias Meyer broke out with his first record on the newly established Liebe*Detail, experimenting and imputing his own mark on the existing Detroit sound. 2008 marks the release of his second record, Voltage. It was then when his wizardry was truly showcased and if you take a listen to the track now, it’s hard to believe that someone managed to put it all together “back then”. Matthias continued collaborating and working with his good friend Patlac and by the time his career was about to take off, releases began to flow through onto labels such as Poker Flat, Noir MusicBaalsaal Records, Defected, Cecille and the off shoots of Liebe*Detail.

As a DJ, his contentment toward playing house music is the fact that he sees DJ sets as long lasting fairy tales in which grooves and emotions can very well blend together in an endless mutual magnetism between him and the dance floor. His musical approach and the clemency of his sound acclaimed his residency at one of Berlin’s house music watermarks, which is Watergate.

Matthias’s podcast for Subjekt Recordings can easily be classified as a lesson about the history of dance music all in a nutshell. The podcast itself is a story that can take infinite forms. Enjoy the breathtaking journey before you.

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