A mysterious pair of “successful entrepreneurs” have turned to Craigslist Berlin’s temporary jobs page offering €100 for guaranteed entry into Berghain and other Berlin nightlife hotspots.

Thanks to a brilliant find from Levon Vincent, who earlier shared the post via his Facebook page, the “around 30” pair who don’t have the time to “figure this shit out” for themselves are looking for a connected Berliner to provide front of the line access to “Berghain, Kater Blau, etc” and more of the cities “coolest” clubs.

The Berlin hotspot, long considered to hold one of nightlife’s strictest door policies, has been notorious for its refusal of entry for the famous or not. Recently, Felix Da Housecat went as far as to claim racial motivations behind his own refusal. Even Richie Hawtin has found his troubles with the club’s policy in the past.

Regardless, the idea that this shadowy duo’s request, especially given the unimpressive amount offered, or lack of background information (even though requested from applicants), points to it being more a case of overly eager clubbers resorting to simple, materialistic means for their own entertainment. But, should they actually be “successful businessmen”, the whole thing is much sadder. Whatever you may feel about Berghain’s door policy, its atmosphere remains rarely rivalled as a result, and precisely because of its exclusion of such suit and tie style would-be clientele. Read the entire Craigslist post below and laugh a little.

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Source: Craigslist