Amsterdams Bar117 will have the pleasure of hosting the first of hopefully many Høppa evenings, with a very special line up. Like the name of the night Femme de STHLM suggests, the decks will be taken over by a group of female DJ’s all hailing from the house and techno scene of Stockholm. 

Sweden has always been among the leading nations when it comes to pushing the envelope in music. Their mainstream sensations are now world famous success stories, but what might have been less discussed is the fact that the country boasts a very interesting underground scene. To bring light to this this, on the 30th of January the first edition of Høppa at Bar117 invites six of some of the most interesting acts of Stockholm’s underground scene for a night that will surely be remembered.

The line up of the evening features DJ’s who are known for playing fluently through the sounds house and techno, with hints of other genres in the mix. For example, Y+M (pictured above), which is the only duo of the line up, proves on the mixes featured on their Soundcloud, that they are more than capable of mixing bouncy house with quite industrial techno. And Nadja Chatti showed us her skills in her beautiful Boiler Room session, which takes the listeners into a musical rollercoaster ride of emotions.


To know a bit more about what to expect and how a night like this came to be, we had a quick chat with Sebastiaan Bennink, who together with Jos Cuppens are the guys behind the event.

Hi Sebastiaan, what’s up?
Hi, good thank you. Busy with the preparations, but very excited for our first edition of Høppa!

So the Høppa – Femme de STHLM Night is taking place on the 30th of January. Where did you get the idea to get an all-swedish line up together?
The actual idea was to get Nadja Chatti to Amsterdam. I was at a party in Berns, Stockholm when I heard her play for the first time and she just rocked it. I mean the roof just went off! After her set we started talking about music. Nothing much there, but we kept in contact and I started following her and the people she was playing with. I really became a fan of Y+M and Johanna Schneider. So a couple of monhts ago I spoke to Nadja about performing in Amsterdam and at some point she suggested to bring her friends, Mirja, Johanna, Jin, Maya and Y+M. I didn’t need to think long about that, seven Swedish house and techno DJ’s under one roof! We wanted to bring the best of Swedish house and techno to Amsterdam and the girls wanted to perform in Amsterdam. A match made in heaven and Høppa was born!

You have seven very busy DJ’s coming up. Was it hard to get this one together?
Actually it wasn’t. As said, they are friends and we had spoken several times about organizing a night in Amsterdam. All the girls know each other very well and they are delighted to play on this all Swedish night. I even heard that Johanna is doubling her record collection just for Amsterdam.

Can we expect individual sets or will there be some B2B action coming up?
Both. Mirja will kick off the night, Y+M always play as a duo and for this event, Maya and Nadja and Jin and Johanna will team up.

Bar117 is not necessarily the most usual environment for a night like this. How did you come about organizing the Høppa – Femme de STHLM Night here?
We tried some different venues and we came across some really interesting places. However, we wanted to keep Høppa intimate. Bar117 offered that and also, since the beginning of January, Bar117 has had a totally new soundsystem. On the 30th we’re going to put that to a maximum test.

What other plans do you have in store for the Spring? Maybe a Danish night? Or better yet a Finnish one?
Who knows, we are always looking for new Scandinavian talent. We believe that good music must be the standard. The ultimate dream would be to have someone like Todd Terje playing, so that would be a Norwegian night I believe. For the moment that is only a wish, but who knows. First lets make this Swedish edition a unforgettable one.

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