No, it’s not some androgynous new sex toy. What you’re seeing above is actually an inflatable club space fro Swiss architects Bureau A.

Designed to house the annual Federation of Swiss Architects party (surely a MUST attend event), the structure named “Shelter,” features a bar, dance floor, DJ booth, and furniture, all built out of PVC. This makes the “club” inflatable and, thus, highly portable too.

On the space, Bureau A described it’s design in the most pretentiously architectural way possible with,

“For one night, the black hole of a neat and well-organised society is revealed as a potential for distortion, a potential of let-go and provoke, with a slight smile, the unsaid and the sweat.”

Going to to describe the piece as a form of “Architecture of the Underground”:

“Architecture seeks the underground, searches for new territories under the skin of the earth…The underground fascinates and completes the hygienic and panoptical world of the overground.”

No word yet on whether “Shelter” has any upcoming destination, however I’d hardly be surprised to see it at the upcoming Miami soiree of high culture pretentiousness, Art Basel. Check out some images from the structure, courtesy of Dylan Perrenoud, below.

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Source: Dezeen