In an age of oversized ego there is an artist still devoted to the connection with his audience, a humble soul with a pure passion for music – Atish.

Atish’s success has been realized through his total devotion to the art of DJing – a procedure increasingly rare in today’s producer-centric age. With a combination of sophistication and accessibility, an Atish set is an expressive journey in melodic deep house that, creating lasting emotional experiences for listeners. This natural talent hasn’t gone unnoticed with Lee Burridge and Robot Heart as early champions. Since, Atish has landed himself a diverse range of residencies like The Cityfox Experience, the Burning Man-inspired Desert Hearts Festival, and the intimate vibes of Behrouz’s, Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

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In March, Atish will join the SXM Festival ranks, an event that essentially features everyone relevant in today’s dance scene. Here, he preps that event with an emotional mixtape journey. Join in and find all the SXM Festival information below.

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15-19 March 2017 | SXM Festival | Tickets | Saint Martin Island, Carribean


[00:00] Gidge – Hope [Atomnation, 2017]
[05:00] David Hasert – Holy Drums [LIKE, 2013]
[11:00] Calibre – Sand Promise [ The Nothing Special, 2016]
[15:00] Petja Virikko – FM [Chocolat Records, 2017]
[21:00] Quince – Rif [Something Happening Somewhere, 2017]
[26:00] Saultloom – Zoanthropy [@Manjumasi, 2017]
[31:00] Stefano Richetta – C3PO [Click Records , 2017]
[35:00] Pezzner – Evelyn [Subtract Music, 2016]
[39:00] Blindsmyth – Fragment [Cosmic Society , 2016]
[45:00] Florinsz Janvier – Massachusetts Ave [, 2016]
[51:00] Seb Wildblood – Nothing [Church, 2016]
[55:00] nikosf. – The Park From Above [MOSHItaka, 2014]