Moscoman is the man behind underground hits on Correspondant and Eskimo Recordings, as well as his own Disco Halal imprint.

His music takes in elements of Techno, New Wave, House, and the sounds of his native Middle East, quickly building himself to prominence via production, remix work, and DJing. Hailing from Tel Aviv Moscoman is now based in Berlin, but plays frequently throughout Europe and further afield and some of the most interesting and unique clubs and parties around.

SXM Festival Podcast: Atish, Wild Dark

Next month, Moscoman will join the SXM Festival ranks, an event that essentially features everyone relevant in today’s dance scene. Here, he preps that event with an emotional mixtape journey. Join in and find all the SXM Festival information below.

Moscoman’s first release from his Treisar Project (12 records/12 months) just came out and the 2nd one comes out at the end of the month.

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15-19 March 2017 | SXM Festival | Tickets | Saint Martin Island, Carribean

Featured Image: Nuphar Blechner