There is a new political rage going on down under, and its all about telling its citizenry what they cannot do on a night out.

Firstly, and most documented, came Sydney’s alcohol lockout laws, with its far reaching consequences. meant to curb the amount of alcohol-fueled violence, the cruz of the law had vendors stopping service at 10pm, alongside 1:30am for hotels and nightclubs. Needless to say, with Australia ever-increasing as a destination of dance music, its citizenry, as well as those looking to travel to the city, have not been taking kindly.

But now there is a new lockout law in place, and it deals with…food vendors. Per Stephen Parnis, Vice-President of the Australian Medical Association, the changes were implemented due to health concerns, with doctors encouraging food consumption in conjunction with drinking, rather than after. This means that late night food vendors, like kebabs, pitas, and wraps, will be forced to shut their doors at 12am, even though the liquor-specific lockout laws still allow drinking after 1am.

As with the alcohol laws, these food vendor one’s have also been “on the books” for quite some time, but it is now that the authorities, at the request of the government, have decided to enforce them. For Sydney late night revellers, it was not uncommon to see vendors serving up to and including 4am, but now, the city seems to be turning into a ghost town ever so quickly as a result.

A petition is circulating attempting to halt the implementation of further such rules. If you feel so inclined, you can sign it HERE

Source: Stoney Roads

featured image not in Sydney