Hardware freaks can unite behind a new project from a synth lover who has created two models of classic Moog synthesizers in miniature LEGO form. He has done so in an attempt to convince the famous toy manufacturer to actually start producing these ‘miniMoogs’, so that kids could play around with them and be triggered to an grow an interest in synths and music.

Grobie87, the brain behind the project has already mocked up two models, ‘The Model D’ and ‘Voyager Old School’ that accurately depict how he sees LEGO creating the miniature Moogs.

He further explains some of the reasons we should all want a couple of these laying around;

“Go retro-analog with these miniaturized versions of the classic Minimoog synthesizer!  The Model D (left) and the Voyager Old School (right) are both represented in a small display set that would look great on the shelf of any synth geek, electronics buff, or general music lover. Possible project updates include additional Minimoog models and refinements.  Models of synths or keyboards from other manufacturers will likely merit their own projects.”

Check out the project here.

Source: ideas.lego.com