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Premiere: Uninc & Kolomensky – Pagan Rave [ИДА]

ИДА007 is a vinyl release entitled ‘Pagan Rave EP’ by label’s co-founders Uninc & Kolomensky coming up from the emerging Moscow scene. Pagan Rave opens the EP with a breakbeat groove, flute solos and slavic vocals combined with progressive and acid lines to deliver unexpected mix of pagan folk music and rave rhythms. ИДА — the record label from Moscow, is known for its eclectic approach and music tastes varying from disco to techno, house to rave, afro to breakbeat and so on; this blending of styles sometimes leads to unusual and unpredictable new sounds as a result. Because of this unique ... Read more

Premiere: Owlson & Yssue - Saucy Womanizer (Original Mix)

The gifth release on ИДА marks the union of label member Owlson and Yssue from Esthetic Joys community. The duo deliver 2 original high energy synth heavy disco-techno dancefloor fillers with dark industrial vibe, which are accompanied by an EBM/Italo remix by Panorama Channel and a slowed down psychedelic Goa version of ‘Rambal Cochet‘. “Cosmic Gonzo” EP is available 23 July on ИДА