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Hell / Dunkel Festival Gears Up For Sixth Edition At Kiesgrube Neuss

Saturday 6th of September Hell / Dunkel Festival will kick off at Kiesgrube in Neuss, Germany.The organization behind the festival is currently working hard to realize their big plans for this sixth edition of the celebrated yearly open air event. The event is organized by ‘Kunstgeschwister’, aka Timo and Mike Kucksdorf, the two brothers who co-founded the agency back in 2007. After gaining enough expertise in the club scene, they tried their hands at setting up a festival in 2009, which would be baptised Hell / Dunkel Festival (Light / Dark). But Kunstgeschwister is also known for promoting concerts, open ... Read more

Hell & Dunkel Podcast #002 By Mick Benjamins

On September 6th , the fourth edition of the Hell & Dunkel Open Air will take place in Neuss, Germany. In order to get warmed up and end the summer in a true festival manner, we have the pleasure of presenting a special podcast by Dutch native & Berlin resident Mick Benjamins. He has perfected the fusion of emerging tracks with skillful breaks and brand new underground sounds. His sets are particularly impressive with driving deep house basics that he refines with vibrant techno elements. Thanks to this ability, he became well-tried at open air events such as PollerWiesen and ... Read more

Hell & Dunkel Podcast #001 by 2insicht

 2insicht consists of Marc and Bastian, a German duo from Düsseldorf. They met each other while both studying architecture and their love for never ending art transposed into the DJ booth. They boths share a similar passion for deep and untouched house and techno sounds. 2007 sees them joining the Kunstgeschwister crew and eventually founding Hell & Dunkel Festival. The Hell & Dunkel Festival isn’t a gig like any other, in fact it’s something that 2insicht takes very personal. “We are a part of the Hell & Dunkel Festival since the first hour and we help from the first to the last ... Read more