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Premiere: S3A – Antois Benime (Austral Parc)

Embedded deep in the Parisian scene is S3A (Sampling As An Art), an artist who aims to produce culturally-enthused music sifted from various sources. Acting under the collaborative moniker ‘Friendship Connection’ alongside fellow Parisian producer Zadig, S3A carved his place in Paris through a residency at the renowned clubs Rex and Concrete. He’s gone on releasing on labels such as Lazare Hoche Records, Hold Youth, Concrete Music, Local Talk, Phonogramme and Faces. In 2014, he launched his label Sampling As An Art Records to seek out new-blood as well as release his own personal music. In 2015, he released a collaborative EP via Uncanny Valley alongside Max Graef and Cuthead, and has since been continuing to spread his ... Read more

Review: LIFE on MARS – Variety Playhouse EP

The Rotterdam based 4Lux imprint is coming out with a surprisingly tasty EP by Dutchies Tim Miles and Jaap de Laat, who form Amsterdam’s duo LIFE on MARS. I had actually never heard of them, so I was pretty impressed with what they have brought to the table with their new EP Variety Playhouse. The record kicks off with the ominous ‘Orange Sky’. A deep saw wave bass and equally raw stabs dominate the groove, which is led by a fresh percussion ensemble, and filled with a cool vocal part that falls right into place with the overall sound. The ... Read more