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5 Days Off Artist Special: Marek Hemmann

During 5 Days Off there are extensive clubbing nights with fine line ups that go on until the early hours. Before those parties commence there are electronic concerts for you to enjoy as well. One of those artists who have deserved his own evening during 5 days off is Marek Hemmann. Be prepared for a brand new, one and a half-hour live-act consisting of Marek’s musical wilderness of eclectic sounds and constant grooves. Marek Hemmann’s musical story began when he started learning to play guitar. Soon enough he found out that the sonic spectrum of the instrument was way too ... Read more

5 Days Off Podcast #001 by Waze & Odyssey

During 5 Days Off, Hot Since 82 isn’t the only Brit making his appearance. For there are two London gentlemen visiting Amsterdam that night. They have been making tidal waves in the UK and beyond for quite a while now. Their names are Serge Santiago and Firas Waez, but you might know them as Waze & Odyssey. Waze & Odyssey are an integral part of a new wave of emerging producers who are helping to keep the UK house scene on its toes. They originally created a fake background story about being US garage veterans raised on a diet of ... Read more

Let’s All Take 5 Days Off

Various countries start off their spring season with significant holidays or a specific day in March when people can finally say its spring. In Amsterdam though, the celebration of spring starts with a festival that lasts for five days, we’re talking about the aptly named 5 Days Off of course. 5 Days Off first started in 2001 as a spin-off from Belgium’s 10 Days Off festival and is already having its fourteenth edition this year. 5 Days Off is the first of its kind in Amsterdam, as it developed over the years into a week-long indoor dance festival much like ... Read more