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A Festival Gives Free Tickets To Visitors Committed to Stay Alcohol-Free

Extrema Noir, a festival that pledging for giving the stage to the young upcoming talents, decides to do sensitise festival goers with free tickets on the intoxicated driving issue. A festival in Belgium, Extrema Noir, the Extrema the indoor sister event of Outdoor Festival claim its a move to raise awareness among young people during the Christmas period, the danger of drinking and driving. Thereby, the organisation decided to offer a free entrance ticket for the drivers in a group of 4 friends, who are committed to do a test while exiting the festival. The tests are not mandatory, and it comes ... Read more

The New Miracle Hangover Cure Is…Korean Ice Cream

I learned something new today: apparently South Korea is Asia’s largest per capita consumer of alcohol, with each person averaging 12.3 liters per year. With that new info, I doesn’t come as much of a surprise that hangover cures would be big business (a $126 million per year business, to be exact). Now, after a night out, South Koreans can turn to a cool treat to soothe the nasty after effects of boozing, with a hangover cure ice cream bar. A convenience store(!) chain has developed Gyeondyo-bar(rough translation: “hang in there”), which launched last Friday, and claims to be the ... Read more

New Study Shows Countries With Highest Alcohol Consumption

A Euromonitor report on worldwide alcohol consumption has shattered some misconceptions on who are really the heaviest drinkers in the world. The first countries usually springing to mind are Russia, Ireland and Germany. But you have to guess again for the country which holds the #1 spot. Because taking a near inconceivable lead on the rest of the world is South-Korea, where drinking isn’t a pastime, it’s a way of life. And an advanced drinking skill is even known to advance your career. Take that stereotypical alcoholic nations. With the average bottle of beer costing around $1, and no real ... Read more