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An Interactive World Map According To Musical Tastes

Spotify has unveiled a comprehensive, interactive world map breaking down musical tastes among a wide selection of geographic locations, big and small. When users click on a certain area of interest, Spotify will direct you to its respective playlist. The maps selection process is determined by what Spotify categorises as distinctive: “What do we mean by ‘distinctive?’ This is music that people in each city listen to quite a bit, which people in other cities also do not listen to very much. So it is, exactly, the music that makes them different from people everywhere else.“ Each playlist is updated twice per month, with ... Read more

Contest: Win A Free Course At The School Of House

Amsterdam-based dance industry education platform ‘The School Of House’ are being generous, as they are giving away a full free course, Event & Organisation, to the winner of the TSOH competition, details of which you will find below. See also: School Of House Welcomes Those Desiring A Career In The Dance Industry The School of House opened its doors this year, and offers a private, in-house education by guest speakers, influentials from the scene and renowned institutions such as Hogeschool Amsterdam, Fontys and ROC.  The program consist of both theory and practice. Students learn about management issues as well as creative ... Read more

Amsterdam Festival Event Makes You The Festival Programmer

Have you ever thought you had the greatest idea for a festival concept and were confident you could execute it to the max? Well, Amsterdam Festival Event makes those dream reality. On August 8 this new approach to festivals will come to Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Festival Event can be described as a BYOF, Bring Your Own Festival, concept. It’s gonna be one weekend, one outdoor area and 60 party tents. Until June 7, you can submit your crazy ideas and a jury will decide weather your idea passes the selection process. The ideas which get selected will get a sound system and a party tent. Out ... Read more

The Amsterdam Ecstasy Shop Is Now Open

As we reported over the weekend, a pop up “ecstasy” shop opened in Amsterdam today, which was organised by the youth wing of the Young Democrats political party, D66. As promised, the event was largely about awareness with no actual MDMA products sold. Rather, placebo pills of various colours, “effects,” and prices were on the menu as fundraising for the organisation. “We want to regulate and legalise MDMA.  At this moment, half a million people in the Netherlands use ecstasy and it is all underground“, said Young Democrats International Officer Milan Asseis. “We don’t want to look the other way and ... Read more

Disco Grocery Shopping in Amsterdam

Only in Amsterdam people can turn a grocery store into a disco. Last weekend you were able to rollerskate to Disco music between banana’s and toiletpaper. Disco Grocery Shopping (Disco Boodschappen) was born. Last Friday a supermarket in Amsterdam was turned into a roller disco for one night. What started as a joke turned into the best party any convenience store has ever seen. It all started in 2012 when a student posted a note on a pinboard at a big supermarket chain asking if it’s possible to organise “disco shopping” for an hour once a week. The note went viral, gained attention all over ... Read more

Top 10 Kingsday Events

It won’t be long before Amsterdam will be under the spell of the mighty Kingsday. One mezmerising day full of amazing daytime and nighttime events. There are so many events, we thought it was a good idea to give some guidance as to where to find the best events. In this list we will focus on the daytime events. Because there’s nothing better than dancing in the sunshine. Take a look and make your choice! #10 Hannekes Kroon | Hannekes Boom | Hannekes Boom, Disco Dolly and PLAK are ready to host a Kingsday festivity at Hannekes Boom, one of Amsterdams hot spots. A wonderful ... Read more

“School Of House” Welcomes Students Desiring Career In Dance Industry

School starts on the 8th of March. Not any school, but the School of House. A new educational platform for the dance industry. It might be just the right thing for you if you’re interested in working with events, artists or music. The classes cover everything in these areas from music programming to DJ performance and artist booking. The general idea behind the School of House is to offer a private education in-house and guest collaborations with renowned institutions such as Hogeschool Amsterdam, Fontys and ROC.  The program consist of both theory and practice. Students learn about management issues as well as creative ... Read more

Free Water At Festivals Enforced By Amsterdam Mayor

Mayor van der Laan of Amsterdam has called on every festival organization in Amsterdam to make free refills of water bottles possible at future outdoor events. The decision was made together with the VVD delegation in the city council. Festival Security In June, criticism surfaced after visitors at various festivals were rudely handled by security at the water taps when they tried to refill their water bottles. One of the visitors that had experienced such an encounter stated that she was given a simple choice : “Either you go, or the bottle goes”. Since then more events have had to ... Read more

Enrollment Started For Amsterdam Producer Competition ‘Vinylized’

The enrollment phase for the dance music producer’s contest Vinylized has started. Starting today, producers who think they have what it takes to make it big can sign up for the returning event that has now reached its tenth edition. Competition After all submissions are made, the jury will pick five finalists who will then be mixing and mastering their tracks at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. The resulting tracks will be put up online around mid-September on www.vinylized.net. The public can then cast its vote on who they think is the most promising producer of the five. The winner ... Read more

Unsung Heroes: Antonio Abbo (MC Complicated)

Don’t you ever think that DJs get way too much attention in the dance music realm? As if they were the only ones that make clubbing and festivals possible – of course not. There is a whole range of people with differnet roles that contribute just as much that unforgettable night: the booker, the sound and lighting-technician, the bar staff or that nice toilet lady who guards your drink while you’re doing your thing in the bathroom stall. These are he Unsung Heroes of club life and in our opinion they deserve a little attention as well. Photography by: Thierry ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with DAVI

Interviewer: Marko Nikolovski David “DAVI” Khanjian grew up listening to classic sounds of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the likes. Discovering his passion for music from an early age, he was subsequently admitted to the Vocal Department of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. David’s immigration to Los Angeles expanded his horizons in music. Focusing on production of genre defying electronic music, David’s sound can best be described as a deeply melodic journey into the mind that can leave you whiplashed much like a rollercoaster. These days, David can be found playing anywhere from Avalon and Monday Night Social to LA’s best ... Read more

Top 10 Spring & Summer Festivals

With sunrays starting to peep through the clouds, mercury rising and the holidays (almost) in sight, our dancing feet start to itch for the festival season. This year there’s no lack of abundance in the number of festivals in and around Amsterdam, so we decided to list some our favourites and most-anticipated. Baila Baila! #10 Vrijland  Roest and Cartel Amsterdam are again joining hands on the 5th of May to organize one of the coziest parties of the year where we also celebrate our freedom (5 May is the official Liberation Day in the Netherlands). Vice’s Thump and Chicago Social Club‘s ... Read more

Exclusive Interview with Eric Volta

We’re very proud to have Eric Volta behind the decks during our third instalment of SUB/FIX this Friday. So before he makes his way to Amsterdam we thought it was a good idea to have a bit of banter with the underground renegade. Since his releases on Visionquest and No.19, the Berlin-based virtuoso’s career is taking off. It’s about bloody time. Why? Because this guy deserves to make his sound heard across the globe. That sound isn’t house, it isn’t techno either, it doesn’t even float somewhere in between. It’s unlike anything you have ever heard, quite frankly, and will ... Read more

Mix #082 By Cleavage

The word Cleavage got a whole different meaning this year, when an Amsterdam producer-duo decided to name themselves exactly that. Their goal is to create music that everybody could go wild to, and so far they’ve pretty much nailed it. Incorporating dominating bass lines and sensual vocal hooks creates their very catchy and soulful house that has been heating up many an Amsterdam club for the last couple of months. Just exactly who the boys behind Cleavage are, is all a bit shrouded in mystery. Not entirely unintentional, by the way. What we do know is that they both have ... Read more

Exclusive Interview With Chris Carrier

Some people are just born to make music. Parisian Chris Carrier is one of those people. For more than a decade monsieur Carrier has released over one hundred records and remixes for a variety of labels. Although not as popular as he should be, Carrier is revered by connoisseurs as one of the most gifted producers in the dance scene. We caught up with Chris for an in-depth tête à tête about his music, life in Paris and Sesame Street. Lisez-vous! “We have gone full circle, underground electronic music is a real, quality genre now” How did you start out being a DJ/producer. Was there ... Read more